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Teisco - Mosrite-style solid body electric guitar - 2pickups sunburst This guitar is a Japanese made, 1968, Teisco V2, Mosrite Ventures-style solid body electric guitar. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. It's in great shape; there's a few nicks but nothing significant. It has two very strong pickups that really give a Mosrite surf sound. The neck pickup is smooth, rich and full sounding while the bridge is twangy; together in the center position they've got a thick sound with a bit raspy twang. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. The whammy bar works well. I believe this guitar to be 100% original. This guitar was definitely one of the higher end Teisco; it plays and feels amazing.

I compared the size to the original Ventures Mark V and it's significantly larger; both the body and the overall size. It's 41" long and 16" wide. The tone of the Teisco in the surf-twang setting is fairly close. But the more mellow/smooth tone is completely different. This guitar has a much greater contrast in tones if you're looking for something more versatile at a very affordable price. The neck is wider and deeper and doesn't have the speed frets like the original Mosrite. But it does have the zero-fret. Overall, it's a really nice playing guitar with a really solid feel. I think both collectors and players will appreciate this axe.

This guitar was made in the second to last year of Teisco branded guitars. There's a few 1969 models but that was the end at least of the original company. Teisco also made many of the Silvertone guitars of the later 1960's; check out the gallery for more info on them. If you'd like more information on Teisco guitars check out the TeiscoTwangers web site.

Teisco model V2 Item #: teis2001 SOLD

Teisco - Mosrite-style solid body electric guitar - 2pickups sunburst

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