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Univox - Lucy - lucite electric guitar in the Dan Armstrong "see-thru" style This is an extremely rare Univox Lucy (model number: UHS-1) electric guitar. It's made of Lucite and is a knock-off of the Dan Armstrong "see-thru" (see-through) created by Ampeg in the late 1960's. It has a 24 fret rosewood fretboard. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. The guitar is in excellent condition both cosmetically and electronically. There's two very minor flaws one is a small crack in the pick guard near the input jack, the other is some scratches on the back of the body (which can be buffed out). The electric guitar comes with the original case, sales receipt dated July 5, 1977 and the original promotional "tear sheet" from Univox (see photo below). It must have been older stock when it sold new in 1977.Description from

The original Dan Armstrong designed guitars were made famous by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney during his Wings period and many others. Univox created the Lucy (UHS-1), an excellent knock-off of the original, except their model has two pick-ups instead of one that slides in and out. You'd have to look really close at this one to know the difference. I've only seen four or five of these guitars so they're extremely rare especially in this condition.

Here's the original description from the Univox promotional materials:
Like a hunk o'ice--cold clear through. Yet she comes on strong! With a neck that sizzles. And 24 frets you can really get into. Double-pick-ups that put out just the real string signal -- interpreted by a 3-way toggle. Rosewood fingerboard on a rock-hard maple neck. Solid-cast transparent acrylic body. Comes as a bloomin' bass, also. You'll love Lucy. Body size 13 1/3" x 16 1/2" Overall length: 38" (41 1/2" Bass). Hardshell, ornately-trimmed plush-lined case. List price: $275.00 w/deluxe case.
Description from

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Univox - Lucy - lucite electric guitar in the Dan Armstrong "see-thru" style
Univox Lucy - promo sheet