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Harmony Rocket H56/1 two pickup cherry red burst, hollow body, DeArmond pickups, whammy bar/tremolo, made in Chicago, IL USA This is a Harmony Rocket model H56/1, cherry red with a burst finish, thinline, hollow body, double-cutaway, two pick-up electric guitar. It was made by Harmony of Chicago, IL in 1972. The pickups are DeArmonds (Rowe). The guitar is completely original. It's in very good+ condition. The electronics work correctly and the neck is straight. It will make a great playing or collector's guitars. It comes with a good quality gig bag.Description from

Overall this Rocket is in great shape but it does have some buckle rash (scratches on the back.) The front of the guitar is extremely clean with virtually no wear. This is the top-of-the-line model Rocket with a tremolo. The body is fully bound and it has aged to an off-white. See the original description below for full details.
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The bolt-on neck is straight with white circular inlays in the fretboard. There is virtually no playing wear on the back of the neck but there are two small nicks which do not affect playing. The action is set medium-fast. The fretboard portion of the neck is fully bound. The open-back, 3x2 tuners are in proper working condition. The "A" tuner was glued back together at some point but functions properly. The Harmony logo is screen printed on the headstock. The headstock is very clean with only minor wear on the edge. There are felt stickers on the back of the headstock; presumably these were to protect it.
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All the electronics work properly. The pickups are very strong and sound great with a nice tonal range: rock, country, punk, jazz, etc. The neck pickup is strong but slightly muted so it's got a nice jazzy tone. The bridge is strong and bright with a nice twang. Together the pickups are clear and have a good bite. The toggle switch selects the neck, bridge or both pickups.
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The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 41 3/4"
    Body width: 16"Description from
    Body thickness: 1 15/16" with neck 2 5/16"
    Scale: 24"Description from
    Width of the nut: 1 3/4" (depth 13/16")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16" (approximately)
    Width at 12th fret: 1 15/16" (depth 7/8")

Here's the original description from the 1972 Harmony catalog:


If you want the Best in electronics
You'll Buy Harmony's Guaranteed Golden Tone

For Action * For Tone * For Value

Hollow Bodies - Description from
Ultra-Thin Double Cutaway Model
High Response Pickups -- Fully Guaranteed

* Harmony ROCKET Electrics are equipped with handsome bezel mounted 4-way adjustable GoldenTone Pickups. Fully guaranteed.Description from

* Each pickup had has an Individual Adjusting Polepiece under each string, to allow you to balance response.Description from

* Harmony's Ultra-Thin Arched "Tone Chamber" hollow bodies, of selected hardwoods, have top and back edges bound with white celluloid. Now with a double cutaway design that makes fingering easy down to the last fret.Description from

* Harmony's "Ultra-Slim" Necks have uniform "feel" in playing, and are reinforced with adjustable Torque-Lok dual rods.Description from

* "Straight Line" Narrow Fingerboards have uniform celluloid edge binding and clear position markers. Short scale for easy chording, or solo work. Adjustable bridges, for regulating string height.Description from

* Richly polished cherry red lacquer finish. Easy to care for.

* Rockets size 15 3/4" x 40 1/2. A thin 2 in. deep. Fine examples of American craftsmanship, technical design, and value.Description from

No. H56/1. Rocket VII. Same as No. H54/1 equipped with a Type W Vibrato tailpiece which is unusually responisve and senitive. The pleasing sounds and effects of vibrato designed by today's guitarist are had simply wavering the arm.From
No. H56/1. Size 15 3/4" x 40 1/2 x 2 in. .$149.50From
No. HC53--Carrying Case...................$15.50Description from

No. H54/1. Rocket II. With highly responsive GoldTone Double Pickup. 2 tone and 2 volume controls. 3 position toggle switch permits playing forward pickup for rhythm--bridge pickup for takeoff or solo--or both pickups at once.From
No. H54/1. Size 15 3/4" x 40 1/2 x 2 in. .$135.50From
No. HC53--Carrying Case...................$15.50Description from

Harmony Rocket H56/1 Item #: H-3042 SOLD

Harmony Rocket H56/1 two pickup cherry red burst, hollow body, DeArmond pickups, whammy bar/tremolo, made in Chicago, IL USA

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