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ZEPHYR - circa 1963

Magnatone x-5 Zephyr made in California, 1963 black sparkle, 2 pickups, double cutaway, Barthe This is an early-to-mid 1960's Magnatone Zephyr, model X-5, electric guitar made by Magnatone of California. It features a solid, double cutaway, poplar body, a black finish with gold sparkles, two single coil pickups, a white plastic pickguard on which all of the electronics are mounted, two metal strap pins, an adjustable, unique and well designed bridge and whammy tailpiece mechanism which holds pitch and intonation well, a zero fret and a metal cover over the nut. It also has a "tilt neck" adjustment feature built into the neck plate making it really easy to adjust when necessary. This guitar is 100% original and in good condition. It was designed by Paul Barth who worked with Rickenbacker for many years. With its fast action and terrific tone, this guitar not only looks lovely, it plays and sounds terrific. It comes with an original hardshell case.

This guitar is 100% original and it is in good condition. There are small lines of crazing on the guitar that are barely visible in the right light. It also has two scrapes to the finish on the upper treble horn and a scrape to the upper bass horn. There are two small scrapes to the lower bass bout and two small scrapes to the back center and a few around the sides.
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The six inline one-piece opened-back tuners with white plastic buttons, are in very good working condition. All of the tuners are smooth and hold the pitch well.
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It has a straight, bolted-on, neck with circular inlays on a rosewood fretboard, a metal covered nut, 21 frets including a zero fret, and a 24" scale. There is only one extremely tiny scrape to the finish on the back of the neck. The headstock, featuring a Magnatone Zephyr logo along the curve, has a some finish wear on the top and a few spots of wear around the edges. The neck is kept straight by a truss rod. With its fast action, the neck feels fantastic under your fingers.
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There are two single coil pickups. The bridge pickup is strong, clean, bright and trebly. The neck pickup is potent, clean, bright and warm. With the proper usage of the selection switches and the volume and tone knobs, this guitar is very versatile offering the player a myriad of tones suitable for rock, blues, country, rockabilly, soul, funk, jazz and many more styles. This guitar has one volume and one tone knob for both pickups. There is an on/off switch for each pickup. The pots and switches are clean sounding and in fine working order.
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The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 37"Description from
    Body width: 12"
    Body thickness: 1" with neck 1.5"Description from
    Scale: 24" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1 11/16" (depth 7/8")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16" Description from

Here's the original description from a 1965 Magnatone catalog:

IncomparableMAGNATONEfeaturesDescription from
Description from
Appalachian fine grained poplar bodies. Northwest Canadian Maple necks. Imported, hand chosen Rosewood fingerboards.Description from
METAL PARTS:Description from
Critical metal parts, including screws are made of fine highly polished stainless steel or aluminum, eliminating possible corrosion, pitting, or rusting.
FINISH:Description from
Bodies are hand rubbed, 7 coat processed lacquer (Magnatone exclusive), Carefully worked to resist checking due to abrupt temperature changes, Guitar necks are finished with clear coats, except for metallic black and metallic white models.
IncomparableMAGNATONEDescription from
X-5 ZEPHYRDescription from
3/4 Size Solid body, double pick-up, Vibrato Guitar with all professional a student's price.Description from
This new X-5 Zephyr was expressly created for use by the professional musician who desires a smaller intrument, as well as for student's use. Possessing many exclusive features found in Magnatone's X-20 Typhoon, the Zephyr is in a class by itself.
Available in high lustre:Description from
Sunburst, Blue, Red, Black, WhiteDescription from
$170 list, Complete with extra 1/2 set of light gauge string, cable, strap, pick, adjusting wrenches.
Guitar, accessories, and Case. ($55.) $225. list, complete

Magnatone X-5 Item #: mag1005 $1149
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Magnatone x-5 Zephyr made in California, 1963 black sparkle, 2 pickups, double cutaway, Barthe

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