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Model: BANTAM - E711
circa 1962

Multivox Premier Bantom electric guitar circa 1962 This is a rare, Multivox Premier Bantam E-711, hollow body, with a gold and blond (natural (front) and gold (back)) finish, electric guitar, circa 1962. The guitar is 100% original. It's an earlier model with the bakelite/plastic covered pickup (later ones were metal.) This was a working musician's guitar so it's a nice player. This is a players guitar but a collector might appreciate it too for it's originality, unique pickup, sparkle details, and very clean original leather case.

Multivox guitars were produced by Peter Sorkin Music Company. They were a New York City based business who produced amplifiers, guitars,and basses from 1938-1975 and again in the 1990s. The Bantam line was produced from the 1950s-1960s.Description from

This Premier Bantam E-711 has a white sparkle pickguard and knob covers. The gold sparkle knobs are bakelite/plastic with some of the gold finish worn off. It's serial number is 15xx. It's fully bound. The binding is very worn. The body finish has crazing and various nicks. The binding on the body has deterioated. So the original owner put some kind of sealant or glue around it and then used white tape to cover it. The pickguard was cracked and reglued but it's not noticable unless it's removed. My guitar tech suggested removing the tape but I'll leave that option up to the next owner. It includes the original leather case.

Very good quality, open-back nickel(-covered) tuners, in good working order. The only exception is the G tuner is just slightly bent.Description from

Glued-on, fully bound fretboard, 20 frets. It has mother of pearl circular inlays for fret markers. The action is medium-fast. The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. The neck was reset and glued back on. It was done correctly but the glue did seap out a bit around the edges (see detail photo). The back of the neck has extensive playing wear; all the gold has worn off. Holes were also drilled for three additional strap buttons on the back of the neck.

The single coil, pickup is super strong. It was made by Rowe of Toledo Ohio. There's one toggle switch for "rhythm-solo" switching; basically it's bright or muted. It has one tone and one volume control knob. The tone control, when turned down, has very nice bite with the toggle in upright position. Check out the detail photos of the pickup innards; they're pretty serious. I've never seen another pickup like it. Overall, the pickup is in excellent working order as are the tone and volume controls. It really makes this guitar.

    Overall length: 38 3/4"
    Body width: 14"Description from
    Body thickness: 2 5/8"
    Scale: 25"

From an early 1960's Premier catalog
(NOTE: this description is for a later model so some of it doesn't apply)

New zephyr-weight, small size cutaway guitars destined for favor by all who try them. Extremely easy to handle...light in weight...perfectly proportioned for your better performing pleasure. Body only 13 1/2" wide. Complete weight only 5 1/2 lbs.
Description from
Meticulously crafted guitars with slim, fast-action necks with adjustable steel rods, nickel sliver speed frets rosewood fingerboard. Body and fingerboard ivoroid bound. Equipped with fully adjustable bridge, exclusive compensating tailpiece, individual metal button machine head and deluxe designed pick guard. Choice of 3 beautiful finishes with one or two pickups with individual volume controls plus and overall tone control and convenient rhythm-solo switch.
E711 -- With one pickup ...... $195

Multivox Premier Bantam Item #: mp2002 SOLD

Multivox Premier Bantom E-711 electric guitar circa 1962

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