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NATIONAL: Val-Pro "82"
Circa 1962

National Val-Pro 82- semi-hollow body electric guitar 1 pickup, made in Chicago 1962 res-o-glass This is a very clean Val-Pro 82 res-o-glas, map guitar made circa 1962. It is a scarlet-red, semi-hollow, double-cutaway, instrument with one metal, single coil pickup, a clear, striped engraved, molded acrylic pickguard featuring the National logo, white binding, an adjustable rosewood bridge and a decorative, art-deco style tailpiece. The guitar was made by National, a division of Valco in Chicago. The body is constructed of "res-o-glas" which the National 1961 catalog describes as "polyester resins embeded with threads of pure gleaming glass...a new climatically immune miracle material of the space age-super durable-classically beautiful-functionally perfect." This guitar is 100% original and in very good condition. There is barely a scratch on it. All the electronics work perfect, the tones are amazing and with its fast action, it feels great to play. This is a unique, beautifully designed guitar that has stayed well preserved for its approximately fifty-five years of existence. It comes with an original hardshell case. Don't miss the opportunity to own it in this condition. Description from

This guitar is 100% original. It is really clean and in very good condition. There is some minor barely noticeable wear on the metal of the tailpeice and about two or three tiny spots of wear on the top of the headstock. There is also some wear to the neck binding on the treble side only. This guitar looks really cool, plays beautifully and sounds great!
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Kluson Deluxe, closed-back, 3x2's with stylized, deluxe white plastic butterfly buttons, are in good working condition. They are smooth and stay in tune.
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It has a straight, bolt-on neck with deluxe, decorative pearl inlays on a rosewood fretboard, 20 frets plus a zero fret, and a 25" scale. The paint on the back of the neck has two very small scratches but otherwise the neck is very clean. The headstock, featuring an angled metal logo, is very clean as well except for two or three tiny spots on the top. There are some cracks on the binding on the treble side of the fretboard. This wear has no affect on the playability or sound of the instrument. The action is fast and the neck and the frets feel fantastic under your fingers. Description from

The one single coil, metal, decorated pickup with individually adjustable pole pieces, is very clean, strong and bright. There are four knobs and a three way tone selection switch. The three way switch provides instantaneous selection of bass, regular or treble tones. The three knobs right below the switch provide volume control for each tone selected by the switch. The fourth knob closest to the input jack provides control for the overall volume of the guitar. Using these will get you a variety of bright to warm tones suitable for a myriad of musical styles. All of the electronics work properly.
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The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 41"Description from
    Body width: 16"
    Body thickness: 1 13/16" with neck 2 7/16"Description from
    Scale: 25" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1.75" (depth .75")
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"

Here's the original description from the 1961 National catalog:

VAL-PRO "82"
Flawless construction of the new wonder materials RES-O_GLAS makes the "82" a tremendous value. Classically simple design is modern, comfortable and easy to play.

Fatigue proof PRO-TRUE neck is extra slim and comfortable. Bound rosewood fingerboard has graceful pearl inlay. Extra fret a nut position insured fast accurate, pillow soft action.

Special VAL-TROL system provides a silent 3-way switch for instant selection of bass, regular, or treble tone, with a pre-set volume regulator for output at each position. A single master volume control regulates overall output when playing. Fully adjustable VISTA-POWER unit assures wide range performance. Description from

Glass-smooth finish in exotic scarlet is a new modern discovery-won't craze or check and is impervious to moisture * Beautiful white trim contrasts * Keys have comfortable butterfly buttons * Body 16" wide x 19" long x 1 3/4" deep * 24 3/4 scale * 20 frets * 10' swivel plug cord * leather neck strap * Engraved acrylic pick guard

715-90 Plush Case
715-82 Flannel Case

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National Val-Pro 82 - semi-hollow body electric guitar 1 pickup, made in Chicago 1962 res-o-glass

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