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Silvertone - Danelectro-made - 1452 solid body electric guitar with whammy bar circa 1967 This is a 1967, solid body, 2 pickup, Silvertone made by Danelectro of Neptune, New Jersey. It's the higher-end two pick up amp-in-case model. This is much more rare version with the tortoise-shell pick guard; they usually had a white pick guard. The guitar originally came with an amp-in-case and accessories but they are NOT included. The guitar is 39" long, 13 1/2" at the widest point on the body, the fretboard is 18", and the full length of neck is 25" from base of fretboard to top of headstock. It's one of the last Danelectro's made for Sears.

This guitar is in functionally excellent condition for it's age but the finish is definitely worn with a few nicks and some finish crazing (nothing goes into the wood.) The neck is straight and all the electronics work properly. The lipstick pickups sound amazing with the bridge being twangy (reminds me of the House of the Rising Sun) and can do surf, blues, punk, or country extremely well. The neck is full sounding and will work for many different styles.. The body style is like that of a Jaguar. Players will love this guitar but it might not have a clean enough finish for collectors unless you want one with a nice vintage patina.

Here's the original description from the 1967 Sears catalog:

"All-in-one" solid-body Electric Guitar, Amplifier and Case combination--
with super-slim necks reinforced by dual steel rods.

Dual pickup with separate tone and volume controls for each pickup, plus three-way pickup switch, vibrato tailpiece. Adjustable bridge lets you set string height. Case-amplifier with 8-in. speaker, 3 tubes and rectifier. Tone, volume, tremolo strength and speed controls. On-off tremolo foot switch. Black vinyl case 14x36x3 in. deep. Sunburst red guitar. Pick, instruction record and cord included.
57 G 1452L--Shpg. wt. 34 lbs. $5 monthly...Cash $109.95

Silvertone Danelectro #1452L Item #: d2029 SOLD

Silvertone - Danelectro-made - 1452 solid body electric guitar with whammy bar circa 1967

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