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Silvertone 1446

Silvertone 1446L made by Harmony of Chicago, two mini P90 pickups, electric guitar, semi-hollow body, black finish, white pickguard, made in 1965 This is a Silvertone 1446L made by Harmony of Chicago in 1965. It is a black, single cutaway, thinline, maple, semi-hollow body electric guitar with two Gibson Mini-P90 pickups, an ebonized fingerboard with rectangular mother-of-pearl inlays, a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, an adjustable rosewood bridge, white binding with a stripe inlay, raised white plastic pickguard, two f-holes and two plastic strap pins, white on the bottom and black on the upper bass bout. This instrument plays wonderfully and sounds great. It is such a classy and beautiful looking guitar, that even, the ever stylish, Chris Isaak plays one of these. There is a rumor that Harmony made guitars for Gibson for a while in the mid-1960's and it's believed this is the same guitar. Apparently, Gibson traded pickups for guitar bodies with Harmony so that is how this came to have the mini-P90's. Whatever the situation, this particular guitar looks fanstastic for a fifty year old instrument. It comes with an original, two tone, hard shell case. Grab it while you can.Description from

It is in good condition and clean for its age. There are a few thin lines of crazing on the front and back that you have to look at very closely to see and one very tiny nick on the back. This guitar is 100% original, although a small metal plate was added for reinforcement around the input jack, where about three lines of stress cracks are visible. The pickgaurd also has a few barely noticeable scratches from doing its job perhaps. As stated preiviously, this guitar looks fanstastic, plays beautifully and sounds great!
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The tuners, opened-back, individual chrome machine-heads with silver metal buttons are in good working condition.

The neck is in good shape. It is a bound, straight, bolted-on neck with rectangular mother-of-pearl inlays on an ebonized fretboard, 20 frets, and a 24" scale. The frets are almost like new with no wear. There is no playing wear on the back of the neck but there are about two barely noticeble dents along the side near the binding. This does not, however effect the playability of the guitar. The headstock, featuring a silkscreend silvertone logo, has some minor wear along the edges. The slim neck is kept straight with a steel reinforcing rod. The action is fast and the neck and the frets feel fantastic under your fingers.
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The two mini P90 humbucker pickups with unique, white, pentagonal surrounds are very clean, strong and smooth. The neck pickup has a smooth, warm, deep, tight jazzy sound. The bridge pickup is more edgy with a bridge twang. There is a volume and a tone knob for each pickup and a three way selector on a white diamond shaped mount to choose the neck, bridge or both pickups. Using the tone and volume for each pickup and the selector you can access a wide variety ofsounds suitable for a myriad of musical styles ranging from jazz to surf punk and all in between. The pots and toggle sound very clean.
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The Dimensions are:
    Overall length: 42"Description from
    Body width: 16"Description from
    Body thickness:2" with neck 2.25"Description from
    Scale: 24" approx.
    Width of the nut: 1.75" (depth 1")Description from
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"

Here's the original description from the 1966 Sears catalog:

Maple from Canada and Wisconsin for the tops and backs for Sears Hollow-body Electrics..produces a special, mellow resonance on low tones

Yet, thanks to this maple, you still get all the brilliant highs electrics are famous for.

Truly professional-quality guitars. Slimmest possible neck makes every chord easy to reach. Strings only 1/18 in. above the fingerboard make fingering a snap. Famous Bigsby vibrato add Hawaiian-guitar effect.
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Tone and volume controls for each pickup. Adjustable bridge and steel rod neck reinforcing. Celluloid edge binding; inlaid positiion markers. About 41x16x2 in. deep. With 10-ft cord and advanced instruction book.

Dual-pickup . . three pickup combinations. Hand-rubbed black finish; ebonized fingerboard.
Shipping weight 12 pounds.
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57 W 1446L.......$154.95

Case for hollow-body electric guitars. Leather-grained black vinyl on chipboard. Thick, red rayon-plus lining. About 43x17x4 inches deep
57 W 738L--Shipping weight 10 pounds.....$14.95

Silvertone 1446 Item#: h3056 $1749
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Silvertone 1446L made by Harmony of Chicago, two mini P90 pickups, electric guitar, semi-hollow body, black finish, white pickguard, made in 1965

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