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Silvertone-Teisco model #ET-460/K4L, solid body, electric guitar with 4 pickups This is a 1967, metal-flake blue, Silvertone, solid body, electric guitar made for Sears by Teisco of Japan. The Teisco model numbers are ET-460 or K4L but I haven't been able to locate the actual Sears catalog model number. It has four pickups with many different combinations of controls to attain a large variety of tones. The bridge pickup by itself is super hot and surf rock sounding; it cranks! There's on and off switches for each pickup and a "rhythm" and "solo" control which basically makes the sound brighter or more muted. The Rhythm and Solo switch works fine but it clicks in more than the notched positions. I had my technician look at it and he couldn't make it work in the correct positions but it does work fine. It gets a little scratchy when changing positions though.

The guitar is in good shape but does have several nicks and scratches. Someone touched up the nicks so it's got a pretty serious vintage vibe going on. The neck has also been sanded down (why do people do that???). The whammy bar/tremolo works great! The guitar is completely original except for two replacement screws that hold up the bridge. It has an adjustable truss rod. This Silvertone is a totally fun guitar to play. It's clean enough for a collector and rocks well for a player.

Silvertone-Teisco #ET-460/K4L Item #: t4011 SOLD

Silvertone-Teisco model #ET-460/K4L, solid body, electric guitar with 4 pickups

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