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Supro 60
circa 1957

Supro 60 white made in the US This is a Supro 60, "Super Sixty", made by National/Valco in 1957. Totally 100% percent original, this guitar has a single cutaway solid body with two perimeter lines and the "60" logo. It features one metal covered, single coil pickup where the strings pass between the pickup and the cover. It also features a slim fretboard across, on a thick strong neck. Called the "Kord King" neck, it allows for easy, fast and low action. The Valco patented construction insures that the neck remains sturdy and has a long life. The straight neck still plays wonderfully. The action is super low and fast but allows you to dig in for great rhythm and lead "take-off" playing. This Supro 60 is in good condition particularly for its age and it sounds amazing. Don't let this Supro 60 slip through your fingers. It comes with a vintage hard shell case.Description from

Supro 60 Item #: s1004 SOLD

Supro 60 white-made in the USA

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