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Wurlitzer Wildcat solid body, stereo, electric guitar-2 pickups-sunburst circa 1968 This guitar is a rare, Wurlitzer Wildcat (model number: 2522) solid body, two pickup, stereo, electric guitar made in Neodesha, Kansas 1966. The guitar is in good condition but does have some finish wear and dings on the body. The pick guard is cracked in a few places on the upper bout but we reinforced it on the inside. So it will hold up fine. All the electronics work properly and the neck is straight. The neck has playing wear to the finish on the back. This is an extremely well made, solid guitar.Description from

It has a sunburst finish. This is a stereo guitar; each pickup is dedicated to a channel. They can be blended together, when both are used, by adjusting the Balance knob on the lower cutaway. The toggle switch on the upper cutaway allows either pickup or both to be used. The pickups are Holman-Woodell made "Sensi-Tone" single-coils (with adjustable poles) with two tone settings: Jazz or Rock. There are also the standard tone and volume controls for each pickup. The tuners are six-in-line Kluson Deluxes (worth quite a bit on their own). The body is made of Canadian Maple and the neck is Brazilian Rosewood. The neck is a bolt on with an adjustable truss rod. The fully bound neck includes red position markers on the side in addition to the circular pearl-in-lay markers on the fretboard. The tremolo is a Bigsby inspired unit with a "W" cut out and called the Wurlitzer Vibratron. It has a Tunemaster adjustable bridge with plastic saddles.Description from

It was made by the Holman-Woodell guitar company who's guitars were funded and distributed by Wurlitzer of Elkhart, Indiana. Holman-Woodell also made guitars and/or have a history with Alray, LaBaye, 21st Century, Mistic, and Kustom. Holman-Woodell made guitars from 1965 through 1968. The Wildcat was part of a line of guitars called the "Wild One." These models included the Gemini, Cougar, and Wildcat models from Wurlitzer. The Wild One series of guitars were made from 1965-1966. The guitar includes the original hard shell case which is in fair condition and a stereo splitter for the jack. It's more of a players guitar.

Wurlitzer Wildcat Item #: wurl1002 SOLD

Wurlitzer Wildcat solid body, stereo, electric guitar-2 pickups-sunburst circa 1968

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