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Silvertone Artist electric guitar with one single coil pickup in black with all gold hardware and original case made by Supro in 1958  Chicago IL This incredibly clean, Silvertone Artist, electric guitar with one single-coil pickup in a glossy black finish was made by Supro/National/Valco of Chicago IL in 1958. It verges on a closet classic being so clean. There's very minor wear and it includes a groovy psychedelic original two-tone case.

The Supro-made Silvertones are very rare especially in this condition. This model is the Supro Rhythm Tone (model number 1522S) which is the single pickup version of the famous and highly desirable Dual Tone that David Bowie and others have been playing lately. The serial number is: X86xxx (last 3 digits removed) which makes is a 1958. The Artist guitar is a total blues and rock machine! Players will love it's solid feel and great tone. Collectors will dig it's all gold hardware, sweet condition and the original case.

The guitar is 100% original and in very good+ condition. It shows some wear, scratches, and minor dings from the last 50 years of use but overall it's in great shape. It has a solid wood body. The dimensions of the original tan-black/blue-grey case are 40" x 14" x3 3/8".

3 x 3 closed-back, gold, Kluson Deluxe tuners with plastic knobs; which are in very good working order. The "D" tuner is slightly bent but still functions properly.
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Bolt-on with a rosewood fretboard, and 19 frets. The neck is on the thicker side with a bit of a "V" profile although it's largely arced ("C"-style.) It has white block/rectangular inlays for fret markers. The action is fast. The string height at the 12th fret is between 1/16" to 1/8". The neck is straight. There's no fret buzz anywhere on the neck. The back of the neck has minor playing wear and a couple of dings. The nut is plastic.

One single coil pickup that is strong and full sounding with just a touch of bite! It has one tone and one volume control. The tone control mutes the sound as it turns down but does not turn it all the way off at the zero position so you can get some sweet jazzy tones. Definitely a bluesy or rock sounding pickup. All the electronics work correctly.

    Overall length: 38"
    Body width: 12"
    Body thickness: 1 5/8" (2 3/16" with neck)
    Scale: 24 3/4"
    Width of the nut: 1 5/8"
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    Depth of the neck at nut: 15/16" approximately

Silvertone Artist Item #: s1004 SOLD

Silvertone Artist electric guitar with one single coil pickup in black with all gold hardware and original case made by Supro in 1958  Chicago IL

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